Satellite Camp Enns

Establishment of the satellite camp

Enns Subcamp was established on 10 April 1945.


There is no information about any kind of accommodation for the prisoners in Enns; rather, it must be assumed that they were transported from Mauthausen to Enns and back every day. The short existence of the camp and the fact that (for now) no former accommodation site has been found in Enns would classify this camp more as an outpost than an actual subcamp.


The highest number of prisoners at Enns subcamp in those nine days was approx. 2,000. An attempted escape of nine prisoners from the “Labour detachment Ennsdorf” was documented on 29 March 1945.

Forced labor

By order of the Upper Austrian regional government (Gauleitung), the prisoners were forced to build bunkers and fortifications.


There is no detailed information on the guard of the camp. The local proximity to Stalag Mauthausen suggests that the SS guards from Mauthausen also controlled the transportation and forced labour of the prisoners.


Enns Subcamp was shut down on 19 April 1945.

Commemoration and remembrance

As of yet, there is no memorial sign for the camp in Enns.

Fotos (Aktuell, Historisch, Topografie und Luftaufnahmen)

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