Satellite Camp Grein

Gründung des Konzentrationslagers

Grein Subcamp was established on 2 February 1945. A branch of the Voigt & Haeffner company had been in Greinburg castle as of the summer of 1944. The company produced electrical switchgear and switchboards for the German Air Armament among others.


The prisoners were likely accommodated near the castle, but it is also possible that they were transferred over from Mauthausen and back every day. As the camp only existed for this limited period, and as it was so close to Mauthausen, it must rather be classified as a sub-detachment than a subcamp.

Informationen über die Häftlinge

The highest number of prisoners at Grein Subcamp during its 17 days of existence was approx. 120. It was especially Italian protective custody prisoners and Soviet forced labourers and prisoners of war who were brought there. On 16 February 1945, the Soviet prisoner Piotr Narishny escaped. His fate remains unknown.


Forced labour at Grein Subcamp mainly consisted of converting the cellar rooms of the castle into machine shops, and construction work to build a residential complex and manufacturing barracks. The Koller construction company commissioned the works.


So far, there is no information on the guard of Grein Subcamp.


Grein Subcamp was shut down on 19 February 1945.

Gedenken und Erinnern

There are no remains of the former subcamp, and there is also no memorial sign.

Fotos (Aktuell, Historisch, Topografie und Luftaufnahmen)

Greinburg Castle
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